What are the Different Types of Flatbed Trailers?

Flatbed trailers are significantly essential in the shipping industry and other industries that rely on transporting equipment or merchandise from one place to another. 

However, it is crucial to do some research before choosing a truck because there are different types of flatbed trailers that work better for specific jobs. Knowing which type of flatbed trailer is best can save you time and money. Apart from that, it will make your job more comfortable and smooth, particularly in the loading and unloading process.

What are Flatbed Trailers?

The flatbed trailer is a kind of trailer without sides or top. It is commonly used to carry huge or bulky cargo, such as machinery and construction equipment, between shipping facilities and terminals.

Generally, it is transport equipment made of a steel construction defining its frame. It also comprises a lighting system, brakes, and tires. Although it will require constant monitoring of the load securements, flatbed shipping in Vaughan is much better than other shipping methods. 

Types Of Flatbed Trailers

Before hiring flatbed trailer services in Vaughan, here are the different options available:

Standard Flatbed

It is the most common type of flatbed. It looks like a box trailer with no doors, sides, or roof. It is often used to ship construction materials, machinery, and steel products.

Drop deck

It is also known as step-deck or single-drop, which is usually used to transport over-height freight. It has a bed that drops lower than standard flatbed trailers after clearing the tractor. It allows for up to 2 feet of extra overhead clearance.

Drop deck

Double-drop flatbed trailers 

It also has a center portion similar to a single-drop that drops lower than both ends. Also, it can create a “well” that allows for taller cargo to be carried. 

These types of flatbed trailers have lower ground clearance compared to the standard one. Also, it is often used to carry cargo that requires a crane to load and unload.


Some freights are much easier to ship on flatbeds with tipping hydraulic systems. It allows slow and controlled unloading when the bed can be “tipped” upwards in front. It can also lower the loads at the back for the dismount.

Walking-floor Trailers

One of the useful types of flatbed trailers is the walking floor trailers. It can quickly unload cargo by sliding the floor backwards toward the rear of the truck. It works well for open-top walled containers used for shipping loose-cargo.

Walking-floor TrailersLowboys

This type of flatbeds are generally low to the ground and often used to ship unusually tall, large, or heavy cargo. 

Covered Wagon or Side-Kit Flatbed.

It is merely a regular flatbed trailer fitted with stakes and panels to enclose it. It is also typically covered with a tarp.


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Benefits of Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed shipping in Vaughan is widely common due to the several benefits of flatbed trailers.

Convenient Loading and Unloading

Since flatbed trailers have no sides, doors, or roof, they typically have a much larger surface area for loading and unloading. With flatbeds, the loading, and unloading of cargo, whether by hand or with a crane, is easy to do. It allows for flatbed drivers to have a much smoother experience when loading and unloading their trucks.

Flatbed Trailers

Huge Storage Space and Efficient Delivery Times

One of the best advantages of flatbed trailers is its ample storage space. Its space allows you to fit as many loads as possible, which lets you spend less time driving back and forth for multiple shipping trips. 

Reduced driving time also leads to more efficient delivery times. Besides, over time, you can expect an increase in your savings due to less fuel consumption.

Flexible Hauling Job Options

Flatbed trucking opens flexible hauling jobs due to the openness of its truck bed. You can haul certain types of freight that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Different types of flatbed trailers have their unique functions. For example, a standard flatbed trailer is sufficient enough for jobs that involve pallet delivery. On the other hand, extendable flatbed stretch trailers are suitable for heavy and wide loads.

Less Cleaning and Low Maintenance 

Cleaning a pickup truck bed can be a headache to deal with. Good thing, some advantages of flatbed trailers are low in maintenance with even less for cleaning. 

The open deck nature of a flatbed trailer makes it a lot easier to maintain and clean it. You can also avoid having to repaint the sidewalls when objects leave serious dents or scratches.

Flatbed Trailers

Key Takeaways

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of flatbed trailers when planning to purchase or rent one. With that, you can distinguish which type of flatbed trailer is best for your shipping needs. Apart from that, always make sure you contact a reputable transportation company when purchasing. 

If you are planning to rent a flatbed trailer, you may visit Roadlinx. We’ve got experience helping commercial businesses and even individuals with flatbed shipping services. Contact us at 905-760-1141 or email us at ian@roadlinx.com for more inquiries!

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