Flatbed Freight Shipping: The Best Way to Ship Tall and Wide Items

Shipping tall and wide items could really be a hassle with the traditional methods of freight shipping. In some cases, the weight or size of the items you want to ship may be bigger than the maximum size required for the truck. This not only makes it difficult to ship such items but raises the cost of the shipping. Of course, you want to ship any item fast and cheap, don’t you? This is why RoadLinx flatbed freight shipping is the ultimate solution for you.

What RoadLinx Flatbed Freight Shipping Offers

As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America, RoadLinx flatbed freight shipping is one of the most cost effective options for shipping really tall and wide items. In fact, you can ship any size, length and height of items with it. The trailer accommodates freights as long as 53’ and as short as 8’.

In addition, it even provides options to further customize your model with optional features like step deck drop, gooseneck hitch, and double drop. Some of these customizations such as step deck drop and double drop will extend the capability of the freight shipping to allow for shipping taller cargoes. Also, you can ship items weighing more than 100,000 lbs with this shipping freight method.

Why Choose RoadLinx for Flatbed Freight Shipping

RoadLinx makes it all easy and effective to ship items with the flatbed freight shipping. The flatbed trailers are designed with aluminum, therefore making them ideal for your shipping needs and to withstand any type of condition and terrain.

You can also rely on the excellent customer services provided by RoadLinx during the shipping process. RoadLinx offers highly reliable services and also offers add-on services such as expert trailer escorts that come timely when you have oversized hauls to manage. You can contact RoadLinx for excellent freight shipping anywhere in the U.S or Canada.

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