How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping: A Step-by-Step Guide?

Are you preparing to ship your vehicle across the country but unsure where to start? Don’t worry — we have you covered.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through prepping your car for shipping and offer tips to ensure it reaches its destination without issue. Our expertise comes from helping hundreds of car owners like yourself ship their vehicles successfully.

Whether shipping a family SUV or an exotic luxury supercar, these steps will ensure your prized possession arrives safely and intact at its final destination.

Read on for more details on what to look out for before having a car shipped!

Inspect your Vehicle for Any Existing Damage

If you’re planning to ship your vehicle, an important step of the process is carefully inspecting it for any damage. It’s not enough to assess your vehicle’s overall condition — documentation is also important.

You’ll want to document the condition of all areas of your car thoroughly, including any existing scratches or dents. This documentation allows you to confirm your vehicle’s state before shipping.

Then during delivery, it becomes easier to identify any additional damages if they arise as opposed to attempting to differentiate between new and old issues.

Take detailed photos or videos as you examine each part of the car to document everything accurately for comparison. Doing this will help ensure a smoother shipping process for you and your auto transport provider.

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Remove All Personal Belongings from Your Vehicle

Taking the precaution of removing all personal belongings and securing valuable items in a safe place is key to preparing your vehicle for shipping.

Without this precautionary move, you risk theft and potential damage to the items left in your vehicle. There’s also the possibility of hazards to internal wiring and other car parts if foreign objects start interacting with them while the vehicle is in transit.

Removing everything precious takes a few minutes, so take that time before you walk away from your vehicle.

Also, detach all the accessories like speakers, GPS, or other connected devices from their power sources to avoid short-circuiting.

In the long run, this can save you time, money, and the headache of dealing with possible repercussions after delivery.

Check the Tire Pressure, Engine Fluids, and Battery Levels Before Shipping

The tire pressure, engine fluids and battery levels are important boxes to tick while you prepare your vehicle for shipping. Ensuring these are in good condition will ensure a safe journey for the driver and the vehicle.

Failing to do so may cause unexpected trip disruptions. A flat tire can be easily avoided with routine maintenance and ensuring that all engine fluids are kept at their proper levels will help prevent oil-related issues.

Lastly, weak batteries have been known to cause inconvenience due to their role in providing power to numerous components in the car. All in all, checking these levels before shipping will enable you to make the best possible choices for your vehicle’s journey.

engine fluids

Wash the Exterior of Your Vehicle

Regularly washing your vehicle’s exterior is essential to keep it looking great. Allowing dirt and dust to accumulate on the surface for an extended period makes it appear less attractive and can cause damage.

Debris and other particles can grind against the paintwork while in transit. To avoid any potential scratches, maximize your car’s durability and avoid expensive detailing costs down the track, give it a regular wash to remove any unwanted dirt and dust buildup.

Not only will your vehicle look shiningly new again but you can also protect it from further damage caused by particles in transit.

Lock All Windows and Doors on Your Car

To ensure your safety and peace of mind, always remember to double-check that all windows and other doors on your car have been completely shut and locked. Not doing so can create a potential security risk, as well as invite pests or rodents into your vehicle.

The best vehicle shipping services in Ontario have methods to secure your vehicle’s integrity. But you can enhance that security by ensuring your vehicle is fully locked before transit.

Take a few extra seconds when exiting the vehicle by checking all entry points are securely latched. If you have little ones in the car, pay extra attention to making sure they know how to lock each window or door safely whenever they get out of the car.

Take Pictures of Your Vehicle Before Shipping

Shipping a vehicle safely and securely is of utmost importance. Most car owners want to make sure the process is completed without any damage to the vehicle.

Taking photos of your car or truck before it begins its shipping journey allows you to have an accurate record of its condition, which can be incredibly useful if anything happens during transport. When pictures are taken, add detailed captions so you know what’s happening in each one.

Take interior and exterior photographs at multiple angles, close-ups of any cracks, chips, or other features you’d like to remember for future reference. Taking pictures of your vehicle may seem like an unnecessary step at first, but it will provide the peace of mind you need for a successful shipping experience.

Prepare the Vehicle Shipping Paperwork in Advance

Shipping a car requires some paperwork. The last thing you want during this time-sensitive process is for documents to get lost or misplaced. To avoid any hiccups along the way, prepare all necessary paperwork in advance.

This includes copies of registration, proof of insurance, bills of lading or codified letters, and any other documents that may be necessary. Being prepared for such scenarios will help you save time, money, and energy during the shipping process.

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Final Thoughts

With careful planning, preparation and attention to detail, you can be sure your vehicle will arrive at its destination in the same condition as it left. This way, you can enjoy driving it right away!

The last step to preparing your vehicle for shipping is choosing a trustworthy shipping provider. With years of experience moving cars across Canada, insurance coverage for any eventuality and proven transportation frameworks, Road Linx is primed to be that partner.

Call us via 905-760-1141 to discuss shipping your vehicle to any destination in Canada and the USA.

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