How to Ship Your Car Across Canada – The Complete Guide?

There are many things to do before you ship a car across Canada. Whether you’re relocating into a new home or gifting a friend, car shipping in Canada follows due process. You have to understand the steps involved to ship your car safely.

This article is a guide to shipping a car across Canada. Here, we’ll cover what you need to consider, the costs, and how to choose the right shipping company.

How to Ship Your Car Across Canada?

The best way to ship a car across Canada is to hire a company to do it for you. Here’s the step-by-step process to help that process along.

Get The Car In Good Shape

Except you’re shipping a car for repair, your vehicle should be in good condition before shipping. Also, you need to keep the car clean.

Keeping your car in good operating condition will help you save money during shipping. The car shipping company may need to drive the vehicle at different points in the shipping process. If the car isn’t working or is a new vehicle, they’ll need lifting equipment, increasing the cost.

It’s also wise to get some gas while getting the car in good shape. Half of your tank is enough for the car logistics service, and you’ll still have some left at your destination.

Understand The Different Shipping Methods

Many companies can submit different quotes for car shipping across Canada. The most influential factor determining the price tag of car shipping is the method used for shipping.

There are various ways to ship cars in Canada, each with specific risks, advantages, and cons. Some methods will save you a lot of money, while some ensure safety and personalization.

For instance, some shipping companies will ship more than one car in a single trip. This method will save you money on shipping a car across Canada but may delay your delivery time.

Here are the common ways to ship a car in Canada:

  • Terminal to Terminal shipping: Many provinces and cities in Canada have terminals that can receive your cars safely. These terminals are safe to some extent, and using this method will save much of your money. However, using this method can be dangerous, as you’ll need to leave the car at the terminal for some days before and after delivery.
  • Door-to-door shipping: This method is the most common in Canada today. The company will ship your car to the exact location and doorstep, as the name suggests. It’s safe and reliable, but you’ll pay more than the terminal shipping.
  • Train shipment: This method uses some specifically designed trains built with decks. The decks can hold up to fifteen or twenty cars for a single trip. It’s also affordable, and you can choose whether you want it on your terminal or doorstep.
  • Flat deck shipping is the best method for moving from neighbouring provinces or close locations. This shipping method is best for only one car but often comes at an increased cost.
  • Auto carrier: This shipping method utilizes a truck with a deck capacity of between five and ten cars. Usually, an open truck, this method is cheap and very common for long shipments in Canada. Most companies offer insurance on the vehicle, so it’s safe.
  • Enclosed transport: If you’re shipping an expensive car, you need as much protection as possible. It’s similar to the auto carrier, but the truck has a cover. Therefore, your car is safe from any unforeseen circumstances. This method usually ships less than three cars at once.

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train shipping

Choose A Company

Choosing a company is your most critical decision when shipping your car across Canada. You need to choose a company that understands how to ship your car across Canada. Make a mistake in your company choice, and you’ll regret the shipping experience.

Your company choice should be because of merit and credibility, not the cost. Some factors to consider are;

  • License: All shipment companies in Canada must register their companies before operations. They must register under the Canadian freight association or the Shipping Federation. You have a right to ask for their license and memberships before doing business with them. This license assures your vehicle is safe on the long journey.
  • Experience and credibility: Successful shipment requires expertise and proper planning. Shipment companies that have completed multiple shipment services will face unique challenges. That experience will give them an edge in stopping potential difficulties in their shipments.
  • Insurance Policies: Mistakes happen to you as an individual, and since individuals run shipping companies, errors can occur. But, you must ensure your car is safe regardless of any mistakes. Ask for the shipment company’s insurance policies before signing the dotted line on any shipping agreement.

Consider Cost

The cost to ship your car across Canada is another important consideration. The idea is to find your vehicle’s most cost-effective and functional option.

For instance, if you have a high-value car, the doorstep shipment is the best, but combining it with enclosed transport is also great. This will raise your bill but secure your vehicle better.

Some factors that affect the cost of car shipping in Canada include the following;

  • Car type: As explained above, you need other methods if the car is expensive.
  • Distance: The cost increases if you’re moving the vehicle across far distances. For instance, the price will rise if you import from another country.
  • Delivery time: Most shipping companies have their regular delivery periods. However, if you want it faster, you can pay more.
  • Company policies and insurance: The company’s insurance policy will affect what you pay for the shipment cost.

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The Short Version

As described above, many steps are necessary to ship your car in Canada. However, the most important is picking the right shipment company. This decision will affect the success of the shipment.

At Road Linx, we’ll explain the shipping procedure you’ll use and your related costs. So you’ll know about the process and can monitor your shipment in real-time. Our expert team is ready to ensure your car reaches the correct destination in the fastest time possible.

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