Know what the best options are for shipping cars

It is impossible to move to and from Canada without bringing your car. Though moving within short distances poses no problem, the same isn’t the case when moving long distance. The former allows you to easily drive to your new location. But the latter may require having knowledge of the best options for shipping cars.

The cost of shipping cars

Though both options offer benefits and disadvantages, consider the cost incurred when driving to your new home, for instance, instead of having your car shipped. 

One benefit of driving your car instead of having it shipped is the savings you would incur due to the zero shipping costs involved from not hiring the services of a moving company. However, the following disadvantages trump this benefit:

  • The fuel costs required for the long trip across the Canadian border
  • The maintenance costs involved during the lengthy journey
  • The depreciation cost that results from the miles the vehicle has collected
  • The long lonely nights on the road
  • The cost of meals throughout the duration of the drive
  • The potential income loss resulting from the time spent driving instead of working
  • The mental and emotional toll brought by the lengthy drive

What are the best options for shipping cars?

Acquiring the services of an automobile transporter is an easy way to ship cars or have them delivered to your desired location. The process is also economical and safe. Utilizing a vehicle transport gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is travelling securely and safely. 

It is best to choose a vehicle shipping company that has sufficient experience shipping cars from inside and outside Canada. 

Some companies can load cars at your home and deliver it to your new address or location. There are also companies who are willing to assist you in acquiring custom clearances or with car import regulations. Select a company which offers these along with competitive car shipping rates. They may even offer to not just transport your car, they could even have the capacity to transport your bike, caravan or boat. 

Below are various ways to have your vehicle shipped. Each offers specific benefits that could suit your specific needs.

Consolidated car shipping

This method sees your car shipped inside a container with other cars heading towards the same port of final destination. This process could take some time as you need to wait until the container gets filled with other vehicles. The benefit is that your car gets to be placed in a containerized shipment, thereby allowing you to save hundreds of dollars.

Sole Container Shipping

If you prefer to have your car shipped on its own, you can easily book a 20ft container. You only need to provide paperwork and pay the amount stated on the bill. Once the shipment is in your shipper’s hands, along with the necessary documents, it will be cleared in US customs, loaded on an available vessel, and shipped.

Expect your vehicle to be shipped fast via sole container shipping. However, similarly, expect to pay more compared to other options for shipping cars.

Roll-on Roll-off

If you are looking for a middle ground between cost efficiency and time, the roll-on roll-off option could be beneficial to your needs. Roll-on roll-off or RORO is where your vehicle will be driven into the belly or hull of a RORO vessel where it is then securely braced or secured. 

This process of shipping cars takes more time compared to the above two options. However, it costs relatively less. 

But since these vessels usually transship and do not directly go to your final destination, there may be instances where the shipment’s arrival could take longer.

It also does not offer the protection and security necessary when transporting cars compared to a container. Your vehicle could then be exposed to natural elements such as moisture or seawater. The RORO method similarly disallows any item inside your car except for a spare tire or the standard tire jack. 

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Prior to choosing the best option for shipping cars, it is helpful to first do research. Collect the information you need on local or international vehicle transporters as well as shipping companies. You can use Google or other search engines, forums or review sites to know more. Feel free to also ask your friends or relatives.

Check any certifications or credentials a company has. Are they insured and bonded, or licensed? Find out these details prior to requesting an online quote. A quote provides information you need besides the price. It will also offer information on the port where your shipment is to depart and arrive as well as the documents you need to provide.


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