What Should You Know About Trade Show Shipping?

Attending a trade show as an exhibitor is a great way to attract clients in your industry. However, before you can showcase your products and services, you need to get a trade show shipping service to place your exhibit at the event location. 

If you plan to attend a trade show event, it is essential to get a trade show transportation service in advance since this type of shipping has longer timelines than standard shipping. Besides, prioritizing the shipping can open the door to more shipping options and lower shipping pricing.

Best Practices of Trade Show Shipping

Whether you are a seasoned trade show expert or are only planning for your first show, putting extra effort into your trade show shipping can help your business grow. 

Creating a great guide to trade show shipping and implementing simple best practices can also make your next trade show successful. Below are some of the essential things you should consider when attending a trade show event.

Note Your Deadlines

DeadlinesTrade show events are like any other large business project. You need to have phase planning and get a partnership with a 3PL partner to accurately and effectively meet all of your deadlines. You can use a project management tool to organize your team and make a success in your trade show event.

Take Advantage of Warehouses

Another guide to trade show shipping is to take an advanced warehouse. Typically, trade show freight doesn’t get delivered straight ahead to the event venue. Instead, your items are collected and stored at a warehouse nearby then delivered right before the actual event date.

Trade show event organizers usually provide exhibitors with a timeline and detailed instructions about the event. However, information can be easy to miss sometimes, so here’s what to note:

  • Location of delivery warehouse
  • Specific date and time window for the freight delivery
  • Packaging guidelines and restrictions
  • Proper shipping labels

Another essential thing to remember is that when your freight arrives at the warehouse, they charge a small holding fee and additional drayage fee for delivering your items to your booth. In terms of pricing, the cost depends on the volume of your materials.

Find Perfect Packaging

To have a successful trade show shipping, you should find the right packaging for your items. We know that you don’t want to ruin your trade show event because of damaged items due to poor and inappropriate packaging. So, like any professional contractor protecting your items is vital to making a successful trade show. 

PackagingKnow Shipping Cost & Material Handling Processes

Make sure you read the terms of the agreement of the show. If the event show hired an outside source for in-show labour, you are subject to pay a fee to use their equipment. Knowing the costs associated with in-show and handling will help you budget your money.

Track & Trace Consistently

To make a safe and successful trade show transportation, don’t just wait for your items to be shipped. Track them now and then. Tracking your shipments early and regularly when they are in transit is a must. 

Why? Because we can’t tell what will happen to your items during the shipping process. By staying on top of where your items are, you can efficiently resolve any mishaps or misroutes.

Know Costs and Surcharges

List down all the costs and surcharges in the event. Getting an unexpected invoice can ruin your allocated budget. Better carefully review all the fees and other charges before the main event so you can prepare for it. 

It would also be helpful if your team members are familiar with all the costs associated with amenities, furniture, and other equipment rentals at the show. Always keep an eye on all the changes to your event expenses.


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How to Reduce Your Trade Show Shipping Costs?

One of the most common problems of companies in trade show events is that they overspend on their trade show shipping budget. Take note that reducing your shipping costs will significantly minimize your overall exhibitor expenses. Fortunately, by understanding some of these trade show shipping tips, you can reduce your general shipping expenses.

Trade Show Shipping CostsDistance

Do you have a lot of shows outside Ontario, but your main office is in Toronto? You may lessen the shipping cost by searching for a logistics partner near the show venue, so the distance to travel your items will be less. Remember, fewer miles on the road also means fewer digits on the invoices.


You can also save on the trade show shipping by minimizing the space that your items need. The less space your products consume in a trailer or container, the lower your shipping charges are. You may design your display into small and stackable pieces so you can maximize the space and share it with other trade show exhibitors or other companies.


Using lightweight materials can also help you lessen the trade show transportation cost. Take note that the weight of shipments for over-the-road shipping is one of the most critical factors that affects the pricing. Combining lighter loads with smaller packaging is one of the best ways for a successful trade show event.


As much as you can, look for a shipping mode that will get your items on the event without paying a premium price. You can research different shipping companies in Toronto that offer trade show shipping services at a very reasonable price. After getting a list of reliable shipping providers, you can compare their pricing and decide which one offers the best and affordable shipping service. 

You may also schedule your shipments in advance so your carrier can find other companies that are willing to share the space with you. On the other hand, rushing your shipments can cause you to pay a higher price, especially if you rent the entire trailer because you can no longer wait for others to share the remaining space.  


On top of designing your booth, creating marketing collateral, booking travel arrangements, and handling trade shows can feel overwhelming. But worrying about the actual trade show shipping and placing your displays in the event place should not be on your list of worries. 

However, as a trade show exhibitor, it is also relevant for you to know some trade show shipping tips so you can come up with a cohesive and organize trade show plan. 

If you are looking for a shipping company that offers trade show shipping services in Las Vegas, across Canada and to the U.S, you may visit Roadlinx. You may also call us at 905-760-1141 for more information or to request a free quote.

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