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Flatbed trailer shipping is one of the most common shipping options and for good reason. This versatile, cost effective transportation is able to accommodate a wide range of goods including oversized items that are both taller and wider than standard enclosed vans can permit.As a top freight trucking & international shipping company, RoadLINX flatbed truck trailers are available with a variety of options that allow you to transport these larger items safely and securely.

Flatbed Trailer Features

RoadLINX offers both standard flatbed truck options ranging from as short as 8’ long to extended models up to 53’ long.  Each flatbed trailer comes in models with customizable features such as gooseneck hitch, step deck drop, and double drop.  By choosing a step deck or double drop your RoadLINX flatbed truck will be able to accommodate even taller items.

A gooseneck flatbed trailer gives you the flexibility you need for hauling items that need to be driven up onto the flatbed. This feature is useful on the double drop flatbed truck which is ideal for transporting vehicles that will be transported while stacked.

For other overweight and overdimensional items we offer heavy duty flatbed truck trailers. These flatbed trailer trucks can handle cargo weighing over 100,000 pounds

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