5 Effective Tips to Move FTL Freight Smoothly

Transporting cargo is a need for both businesses and individuals. Availing of freight services is the easiest way to do such a thing. Freight services offer their customers various options, which need to be made carefully so that money will not be wasted. One of the options given by these services is the type of shipping which customers prefer to avail. Many factors are needed to be considered since each type offers benefits that the other type may not be able to give. This goes especially with full truckload (FTL) shipping.

When one wishes to avail of this service, he needs to make sure that the service is able to accomplish the job smoothly and safely. But he should also understand that when the shipping service arrives to pick up his cargo, they should already be prepared so that everything will go smoothly when the items are being moved from the location into the trailer. This also goes for the time when the cargo needs to be unloaded upon arrival to its destination. This article will discuss more about FTL shipping. In addition, it will also discuss some effective tips to smoothly move the cargo.

Things to Know About FTL Shipping

The type of shipping is very important, which depends on the amount of cargo and its fragility. Other than FTL, less than truckload (LTL) shipping is also being offered to customers. People should know how these two types of shipping methods differ so that they will be able to make an educated decision on the shipping method that would be beneficial for them. You may refer to the list below on how FTL shipping differs from LTL shipping:

  • One of the main differences between the shipping methods is the quantity or weight of the cargo that is needed to be shipped. FTL shipping is used if the cargo that needs to be shipped would be able to take up all the space inside the trailer. However, the weight should also be considered as a trailer has a limit on the total weight that is allowable to be transported based on the laws in Ontario. A customer would be paying for the services of the trailer or truck that has been assigned to transport his cargo. LTL shipping on the other hand combines the cargos of different customers. So each customer will have to pay only for the amount of space his cargo takes up inside the trailer.
  • With regards to the processes between the shipping methods, FTL shipping takes a more direct approach. The assigned trailer or truck will go to the customer’s address to pick up the cargo. A strict route is followed so that it may take the least amount of time to transport the cargo to its destination. There will be minimal handling of the items in the cargo. Usually, items will be loaded during pick-up and then unloading will only be done at the destination. This ensures that the cargo will not get damaged or lost during transit. This differs with LTL shipping where the cargos have to be brought to a central main hub where cargos will be moved to a different truck that is assigned to deliver to specific areas. This leaves the cargo vulnerable to damages before it even arrives at its destination. Also, unlike FTL shipping, it may take a longer time before the cargo can arrive at its destination. Since there are cargos from multiple customers going to similar destinations, some cargos will be dropped off first before the others. During this time, the items may be unloaded to make way for some of the items to pass through. This may be the cause of some items getting lost or damaged.

FTL Shipping

5 Effective Tips For a Smooth FTL Freight Shipping

All cargos need to be moved securely to ensure that problems would not affect the items. However, there should be ways to ensure that things move efficiently as well. The reason why most people opt to avail FTL shipping services is due to the fact that the cargo will arrive in a shorter time frame. In addition, due to less handling of the items, customers are assured that their cargo remains secure during the time the truck is in transit to its destination. Some customers may even choose FTL shipping even if their cargos will not be able to take up all of the space of the trailer. This is why the moving of the freight should happen smoothly and safely, or else, the benefits of availing of such service may not be felt by the customer. Below are 5 important tips to ensure that the movement of the freight will go smoothly:

  • The most important thing to do is to classify the type of items, measure the total weight and evaluate how much space all of the items will take up inside a trailer. You may have to consult with shipping companies to inquire how they compute and evaluate such things. This is very important so that the company will be able to correctly identify how many trucks it will need to deploy to ship your cargo. In addition, by classifying the items beforehand, the carrier service will know what type of trailer it needs to use. Perishable items may need the use of reefer trailers to ensure that the quality of the items will not degrade when they reach their destination.
  • Another crucial tip that must be considered is to find a licensed and reputable carrier service. Even though there are many shipping companies that offer FTL shipping services, you should make sure that you hire one that has gained the trust from many clients. Remember that the items you will be shipping are very important and should be kept safe the whole duration of the service. Reputable shipping services are known to employ the best tools and equipment to handle the job. You have to make sure that the carrier service you choose uses high-quality cargo securement devices. This will help in the movement of your freight as there will be less chance that your items may get lost or damaged during transit.
  • Coordinate with the carrier service, especially if the items will need to be shipped to other countries or over the border. You will need to prepare all the documentation that may be needed by customs. Also, you should pay the customs fees so that the movement of your freight will not encounter delays. If possible, get help from a customs broker so that the preparation of the documentation will be done correctly. Always remember that the people from customs will not hesitate to put your cargos on hold if they find any missing requirements.
  • Customers should prepare the items before the truck comes to pick them up. Customers should place items in bubble wraps when possible. This helps in keeping them secured during transit. This can be used to secure fragile items that risk damage from vibrations during transit. In addition, there will always be the chance that the items may move around inside the trailer. By using bubble wraps, the items will not hit hard objects and will be protected from breaking. For large appliances and furniture, you should cover them with moving blankets. This will help in moving the freight around. By using moving blankets, workers may just slide them over to the truck, avoiding the chance of getting dropped when they are being carried. Also, moving blankets will protect them from breaking or getting scratched during loading and unloading.
  • For perishable items, you should inform the carrier service beforehand the temperature that the refrigerated trailer needs to ensure that the quality of the cargo would not be compromised. It may take at least two hours for refrigerated trailers to reach the preferred temperature. By relaying this information to the carrier service, the trailer will be set up before it arrives for pick up. Having the refrigerated trailers already set up with the correct temperature beforehand will greatly affect the efficiency of the transport. Workers can load the items as soon as the truck arrives. There will be no more waiting time before loading can start.

You Should Always Aim For a Fast and Secure FTL Shipping Service

Customers availing of FTL shipping services should make sure that their cargos will reach their destinations in a fast and secure manner. People should not only think about moving their items as fast as possible. This should go together with proper processes that help in making the transport as secure and safe as possible. Always prepare the items beforehand so that loading and unloading will be done smoothly. By acquiring the services from a reputable carrier service, you will be assured that handling of your cargo is done with utmost care. By employing the best systems and equipment, these carrier services should be able to take away any of the worries you might feel whenever you ship cargo to different destinations.

You may inquire from RoadLINX if you are in need of FTL shipping services. As one of the reputable carrier services in Ontario, we assure you that we will pick up and move your cargos as fast and safely as we can. You can contact us at 905-760-1141.

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