Why is Storage and Warehousing Important for Shipping?

The logistical framework behind shipping and other industries can be complicated. Hence, this complexity is the reason for adopting warehousing and storage facilities in the shipping industry.

The logistics of moving precious cargo from one level to another can go awry from one mistake. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in efficient warehousing and storage services to run your business smoothly.

Storage plays a vital role in supporting the distribution arm of your shipping business. At the same time, warehousing catalogues your goods for easy selection.

In this article, we’ll go over the importance of both storage and warehousing to the shipping business. You’ll learn that storage and warehousing aren’t simply about keeping goods under a roof. So, there’s more to the act of safeguarding and cataloging your items.

The Importance of Storage for Shipping

Storage isn’t simply about looking after your items. You’ll guarantee improved efficiency when you employ storage services for your shipping business. Storage will help you reduce losses by highlighting accountability.

A good storage system will increase profit for your shipping business. Hence, you’ll find it easier to scale and expand your business naturally.

Here are some additional aspects of your business you can improve on with storage services

  • Increased product management and preservation
  • Adequate transportation and relocation of goods to destination
  • Improved safekeeping and long storage time for your goods
  • An accurate inventory of goods

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of storage services, we’ll highlight the various levels of storage systems and their importance.

Location of Storage

Let’s look at the relevance of storage based on its location. We’ll note the types of storage facilities you can employ to improve your shipping business.

location of storage

Regional Storage

The placement of this storage unit may reside beside the production plant. Regional storage is ideal for moving many goods from the central storage in the shortest time possible. The location is favourably strategic and serves a particular zone.

Central Storage

This storage facility is located at a midway point that can branch out to several regional storage units at a relatively equal distance. The central storage will also be close enough to the production factory. Products from the main storage can be easily moved to regional storage before reaching consumers.

Temporary Storage

Temporary storage for shipping goods is ideal for seasonal items. The goods sit here for a limited time to meet restocking needs. However, once the period for those goods is over, you can quickly shut down this storage unit.

Transiting Storage

This storage unit is the closest to the consumer and receives goods from the regional storage. The idea is to get goods to consumers in under 24 hours.

Typically, these transit storage units are large lorries and trucks that deliver goods to the consumer. The lorries are fast-moving warehouses that can hold a considerable amount of goods for a limited time over a distance.

Free Warehouse Storage

This storage unit has to do with imports and exports. The warehousing and storage facilities of this unit grant tax benefits. Hence the goods coming in aren’t subject to internal revenue or import duties. So, the goods are tax-free upon entering and exiting the free warehouse storage.

Type of Storage

There are two main types of storage options. You have external and internal storage. Either storage type works depending on your goods.

External storage is ideal for goods that won’t be affected by the weather and may be too large for indoor storage. However, the goods won’t be exposed; a fence will surround them for security.

On the other hand, internal storage works for goods that may be sensitive to weather conditions and other external factors. You’ll be able to control the environmental conditions with internal storage.

Now that you understand the importance of storage for your shipping and logistics business, let’s go to warehousing. Storage and warehousing work hand in hand to improve the nature of your business.

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indoor storage

The Importance of Warehousing

A warehouse isn’t simply a storage site. You can use a warehouse to advance your supply chain enormously. For example, you can send goods at the right time and improve time management.

Here are other perks of using a warehouse for your shipping and logistics business.

Better Production Quality

The level of quantity is often associated with warehousing and storage services. However, do you know that you can improve the quality of your products too?

By implementing improved store management, you will watch your level of production quality grow. You’ll be able to monitor raw materials and finished products in your inventory. Therefore, you can track the current number of materials going through production.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to detect and isolate defective materials in your inventory. You’ll be able to trace the source of any defective raw material and correct the supply chain. Additionally, you can spot items that are nearing expiration and remove them.

Risk Management

A significant benefit of storage services with warehouses is risk management. You can stock up on goods that are currently in low demand. Once the demand outweighs the supply, you can send the goods out and make a good profit.

Warehouses can also preserve perishable goods for the foreseeable future. You can invest in refrigeration and cold storage. This way, you’ll be able to maintain delicate goods and prevent them from spoiling.

Better Purchasing Decisions

Warehouse storage for shipping goods can be tricky if you don’t anticipate your stock correctly. You can have inadequate or surplus goods without appropriate inventory control.

Warehouse inventory allows you to plan adequately for your stock. You’ll be able to have raw data on the current supply of your goods. Hence, you won’t have an excess or insufficient amount of goods.

You’ll also be able to track slow and fast-moving goods. This knowledge would guide what goods are in the highest demand. Seasonal goods will also be easy to identify. So, you won’t be stocking up on items for the wrong holiday season.

Boosted Order Processing

Lastly, here’s another reason why warehouse storage is important for shipping. You never want to disappoint customers after they place their orders. Therefore, you can use a warehouse to set up security stocking.

Security stocking makes all your essential products available to customers on demand. You’ll be eliminating order delays from the production facility.

Never again would you have to deliver goods late with warehousing and storage facilities. Get your shipping and logistics system optimized and increase your earnings.

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boosted order processing


Take advantage of warehousing and storage for shipping your goods. Transform your inventory system and improve the overall earnings of your company. Warehousing and storage systems are more than buildings for storing goods only. You will find that there are other essential uses for them.

So, do you want to start taking advantage of these storage systems? Then you’re in luck. You can check our warehousing and storage facilities at RoadLINX and get the best inventory management services.

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