How Do I Get the Best LTL Rate?

Businesses and individuals having cargos needed to be transported usually avail services from shipping companies. They are given the option to choose between 2 shipping methods. These methods include full truckload shipping (FTL) and less than truckload shipping (LTL). There are circumstances that would lead customers to choose one over the other. LTL shipping for one has certain characteristics that may fit perfectly with the needs of certain customers. Shipping cost is a factor customers usually look into. Different shipping companies have their own variables to consider when computing for their rates. This article will offer some tips for you to maximize and get the best LTL shipping rate possible.

Important Things To Know About Shipping Companies Offering LTL Shipping Services

Before you go around comparing LTL shipping rates between shipping companies, you must first consider which companies are reliable enough for you to inquire from them. Other than considering the shipping rates a company can give, you must also be assured that your cargo will be safe and secured the entire time it is being transported to its destination. Here are some of the crucial factors you need to find out about shipping companies before you consider them one of your choices to transport your cargo:

Length of service within the industry

1.  It is crucial for you to know how long a shipping company has been serving customers.

2. The longer the company has been able to successfully fulfill transactions shows that it has already gained a positive reputation from its customers.

3.  Companies that have been doing business in the freight forwarding industry for many years indicate that they are offering their customers competitive pricing.

4.  You should make sure that you inquire from multiple companies that are already well-known since this also indicates that they follow systems and processes that would make them efficient in their roles.

Availability of after sales services

1.  This will be needed whenever you experience problems with your transaction.

2.  The availability of after sales services indicates that the company cares about any concern a customer may have with its services.

3. After sales service usually means that the company employs customer service that you may also contact to inquire for updates in relation to your transaction.

 Adherence to the cargo securement guidelines imposed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA)

1.  There are rules and regulations being followed within Canada with regards to the use of tools and devices to secure freight on various types of trailers. These can be found in the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10 – Cargo Securement created by the CCMTA.

2.  There are many types of tie-downs that may be used in securing cargo. The guidelines ensure that these devices are being used properly. Depending on the weight or type of freight that is being shipped; there may be specific ways on how they should be secured on the trailer. The securement guidelines even detail the number of tie-downs that should be used for specific cargo to ensure a safe transport.

3.  You should inquire from the shipping company about the tie-downs and methods they use in adherence to the requirements set by the CCMTA. Also, you may do further research on the securement devices they use so that you may get an idea how safe your cargo will be during transport. The use of heavy-duty and high-quality securement devices may have an effect on the shipping rates.

Timings and additional services offered

1. Since LTL shipping considers the different destinations the cargos from other customers will also be going to, you must inquire from the shipping companies their estimated date for your cargo to be delivered. The shipping rate may differ depending on the urgency that you may have with your cargo. If you are in a hurry, your order may be expedited, but this will also mean an increased shipping rate.

2.  Other than having expedited shipping as one of the additional services being offered by a shipping company, find out if it offers other services that may help quicken the transport process. If it is difficult for you to bring your cargo to the terminal of the shipping company, you should inquire if they are offering a pickup service. This may entail additional costs, but it will ensure that your cargo will reach its destination in a safe and fast manner.

Limits on insurance

1.  If customers have fewer quantities or smaller items included in their cargo, they do not usually consider the importance of paying insurance fees. This is because items rarely get lost or damaged whenever they avail of the shipping services from reputable companies.

2.  For those people or businesses that may need to ship out a considerable number of items or expensive types of goods, they may need to consider paying for insurance. This is their only way of ensuring that if something goes wrong and their items are lost or heavily damaged, they will be reimbursed by the shipping company. However, they must inquire about the limits the company puts in relation to the declared value of the cargo. You may need to increase the value you wish to declare so that If something goes wrong during the delivery process, the reimbursement limit set by the company will be able to cover the actual value of your cargo. You must remember that by doing this, you will also be paying for a higher insurance fee.

How To Get The Best LTL Shipping Rate

First of all, shipping rates will vary depending on factors that various companies use in their computations. It is still the customers’ responsibility to ensure that they will get the best LTL shipping rate possible. You may refer to some tips for you to do this:

  • Be sure to relay all of the information about the items included in your cargo to the shipping company. This is a necessary step when availing LTL shipping services because the shipping company will have a clearer picture on how they will be able to load your cargo while maximizing the space on the trailer. LTL shipping involves combining cargos from different customers on a trailer. This means that customers will only pay for the space their cargos occupy on the trailer. Giving the shipping company a better idea of your cargo will help them strategize to make the transport run smoothly as possible. Also, you will be informed of any additional fees that some of your items may incur. Within Ontario, there is such a thing called harmonized sales tax. Products that are subject to a harmonized sales tax are charged with an additional fee as required by the government in Ontario.
  • Inquire if the shipping company offers discounts with regards to their base rates. Base rates are established by shipping companies that would factor in the costs they would incur in transporting your goods. There are companies that offer discounts for their LTL shipping services. This may depend on their need to have your cargo included in one of their trailers so that it can be allowed to leave for its assigned destination. This would make the process more efficient for the shipping company even if they offered you a discount on the base rate.
  • One of the reasons why you may need to compare price quotations from various shipping companies is that there may be a difference due to the destination of your cargo. There is the possibility that a shipping company does not have any other customer shipping cargo to a similar location as you do. This would take a longer time for your cargo to be shipped, and it may also give you a higher fee since the shipping company may need to store your cargo in their warehouse while waiting for other customers. However, since you have inquired from various companies, there is a possibility that one of them may be waiting for your cargo since it has customers that are shipping cargo close to your destination.
  • You should check if there are accessorial fees and surcharges added to the price quotation. Some shipping companies may add some unnecessary fees to their LTL shipping rate. If you notice that a shipping company has relatively higher surcharges than the other, you may ask them what constitutes such surcharges. They may be employing some equipment that your cargo may not require to be loaded and unloaded. Such a thing is by using a lift gate. Other shipping companies may not use this if there really is no need.

Be Diligent And Gather As Much Information To Get The Best LTL Shipping Rate

For you to maximize on the fees that you will be paying to have your cargo shipped, you must be responsible to go around and inquire from various shipping companies. You will be surprised by the things you will learn from each of their price quotations. You may be able to use the knowledge you gain by using the quotation from one shipping company to help lower the price quotation from another company. The shipping industry is usually competitive with its LTL shipping rates. You just need to navigate yourself around some of the charges that may be unnecessary. If you are currently in need of LTL shipping service, you may contact RoadLINX at 905-760-1141. We assure you that we only include the necessary charges in our shipping rates.

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