How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Service

I consider hiring an auto transport service as an option to keep headaches of the moving process at bay. Of course, everyone wants to get their fleet of vehicles from the yard to their new residence as safe and original as it were.

A myriad of auto transport services is available today, with each of them bringing different benefits, so car dealers should take time to understand the best trucking companies for their budget and needs. The following are things I keep in mind as I seek the services of an auto transport company.

The Insurance Coverage

Of course, no one wants to transact with an auto transport service that seems hesitant to provide a detailed review of its coverage amount and insurance practices. As a client, I prefer working with a company that offers an insurance coverage that covers the entire value of the fleet of my vehicles. The coverage should eliminate any financial risk in case any of my cars sustain damages during the transit, even if such occurrences are rare.

Of course, everyone wants to be sure that an auto transport company is bonded, insured, and licensed before signing with it. Car dealers want to be sure that they won’t be liable for any damage that might happen during the shipping process.

A professional auto transport service isn’t only accountable, but also offers maximum coverage for cargo delivery. As such, car dealerships might want to check through the websites of the best auto trucking companies and speak with their representatives before committing to their choice. While finding a reliable and affordable auto transport service may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack at first, there are plenty of transport services out there.

Consider Drop-Off and Pick-Up Options

Most auto transport services require clients to bring their vehicle to their drop off points and pick them up at their local workshop. However, some car transport companies offer an option to deliver a car direct to the client’s residence at a slightly higher cost. Likewise, the charges for specific pick-up and drop-off locations can be somewhat higher than others. It’s often true when a car dealer is transporting a car from one location to a larger city.

As a car dealer, I travel a little further to the drop-off or pick-up location to pick my vehicles, and I have leveraged this to increase my savings. When I hire an auto transport service that uses a terminal, I have to move to the terminal to pick up or drop off my vehicle. Whenever I want to hire an auto transport service that can drop off or pick my car at my doorstep, I have to go with a service that offers door-to-door transport.

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is one of the things car dealers can do to determine the reliability of an auto transport service.

However, car dealers should read through reviews of customers that have made moves similar to theirs to identify transporters that are reputable. As a car importer, I usually review multiple online sites so that I can get an unbiased and honest picture of what each auto transport service can offer. While car dealerships can go off of what the website of an auto transport service states, it’s hard to trust every website. So, car dealerships might need to check various online review sites related to auto transport to be sure whether a prospect transport company is reputable or not.

Customers often leave a comment about the services they received from an auto transport service, and if an auto company provides poor services, other customers will hear about it online. Transport Reviews is one of the examples of a reputable car shipping and transport site.

Online auto transport articles such as The Transporter Digest, Great Guys Moving, and The Best Car Shipping Companies review plenty of shipping companies, and car dealerships can find all the top shippers with reviews from their past clients here.

Another way I check whether an auto transport service is reliable or not is to confirm its registration with agencies such as the Better Business Bureau.

Consider Budget Constraints

To find the best price for an auto transport service, I start by searching online for prices and rates across various auto transport companies. From there, I can contact the best trucking companies and mention the charges that their competitors are offering to try to convince them to lower their transport rates. However, I always mind that the lowest price option doesn’t always translate to better services. Instead, after gathering all the pricing information, I compare them with other tips to find the most reliable and affordable auto service for my budget and needs.

Consider Enclosed Vs. Open Transport

Auto car transportation falls under two categories. Car dealers might decide to go with an uncovered transport, meaning their fleet of vehicles will be transported on an open truck or trailer, a standard option that most people go with. In contrast, car dealerships can hire an auto transport company that uses enclosed trailers to ensure that they move their fleet of vehicles in a climate-controlled environment.

However, this transportation option comes at a higher cost, and it isn’t necessary unless a dealership has an antique or luxury vehicle that requires special care. The type of transport service that a mover chooses depends on their needs. For instance, I prefer open transport when I want to move a family vehicle, as this is the most common method of delivery that seems economical and safe.

However, I usually go for an enclosed option whenever I am moving a vehicle that needs extra care. Another thing that I have to consider before hiring a transport company is its pick-up and delivery locations. Car dealerships can either pick their cars at the terminals or have them delivered to their doorstep.

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Inquire About Transport

I am always wary of any transport firm that states that its deposit is non-refundable. I don’t work with any transport company that charges for anything until it assigns a trucker and guarantees to ship my vehicle to my doorstep.

As a client, I also have to understand the terms of its services before subscribing to its services. You might also need to inquire about the shipping process before signing for the service. Some of the questions to ask the shipper include the duration it takes to transport a car, the available delivery options as well as the availability of open and covered carrier options.

Obtain Online Quotes

After searching various auto transport companies, ask the firms you are interested in to provide a quote online. Some auto transport companies specialize in specific car models such as luxury vehicles, so importers should research thoroughly before approaching an auto transport firm for a quote. Caution, keep off any auto shipper that asks for an upfront deposit, as some can take the money and fail to render the service.

Schedule the Pickup

After rigorous research, car owners will need to select a prospective carrier and schedule for drop off and pick up.

However, clients might need to keep all shipment documentation and records in a safe place in case a problem arises during transit. Shipping a luxury vehicle can be an overwhelming experience, but taking time to research an auto service can make the experience less stressful.

Car owners might need to hire an experienced mechanic to inspect their vehicle to ensure everything is okay before handing it over to an auto transport company. That way, owners will have proof that the damage occurred during transit if a vehicle arrives at its final destination with mechanical problems or scratches.

Of course, everyone’s car deserves the best treatment ever. We all want to work with a reputable service that will drive safely, wax the body, and take care not to mess with the paint and ensure the car arrives safe and in a sound state. As such, it makes sense to hire a reputable car shipping services to make sure a car gets from its assembly point to final destination safely. For decades now, I have used the above tips to find the best choice for a car shipping service.

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