Important Things To Know About Expedited Shipping

In the fast-paced, global economy today, reliable freight shipping services are more crucial than for businesses. Besides, no matter where one is shipping items or goods, consumers and business partners who are time-sensitive expect delivery more quickly; that’s why they prefer expedited freight shipping to other transportation modes. Since most online shoppers prefer to have received their orders as soon as possible, many are also willing to pay extra for fast deliveries.

What is Expedited Freight Shipping?

Expedited freight shipping generally involves providing a particular shipment priority over other transportations, making a fast delivery. For many shipping service providers in Canada, this mode means offering faster delivery than the standard shipping. In logistic practice, it means using courier services such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or express delivery. This type of shipping method usually varies from same-day delivery to three-day deliveries.

In expedited shipping, every possible means is used to ensure that your package reaches its destination as fast and as secure as possible. Usually, trucking companies are used for this kind of transportation service. They also use two drivers who take turns driving, so they don’t have to make a stopover during the shipment process. However, the real transit delivery time still depends on the shipping company policy.

Roadlinx is one of the perfect shipping partners for fast and cheap transportation within and outside Canada. We have multiple shipping solutions, and some of these include express transport services. You can contact us to book an appointment or ask for our estimated shipping rates to figure out how much your shipment will cost you, including the estimated delivery time.

Expedited Freight ShippingHow Fast is Expedited Shipping?

Delivery times for expedited freight shipping depends on the courier company’s policy. However, the average delivery times take 2 to 3 days. But, it depends on how long your package or items would take if it were sent through a standard shipping method. For example, if a package would typically take 5 to 8 days to reach its destination, then the enhanced express shipping service would usually take 2 to 3 days or less.

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How Much Does Expedited Transportation Cost?

Generally, any priority service or urgent shipping is understandably more expensive than a standard one. So, expect that your expedited transportation services will cost higher than the standard shipping options available. As with any shipping, the exact total cost of express shipping depends on the package’s dimensions, weight, destination, and the courier service ads-on you’re using. Typically, there is no exact cost for this freight shipping method as it also differs from company to company.Transportation Cost

Why Should You Choose Expedited Transportation?

The main reason why many businesses and consumers use expedited freight shipping services is to ensure that their package is delivered quickly. However, aside from that, the service offers plenty of benefits, and fast delivery is not the only reason you need to choose it. Here are a few other reasons why this shipping service will be good for your business supply chain.

Save Transit Time

The primary purpose of express shipping is to save transit time. In most cases, paying extra charges isn’t an issue. If money is a lesser concern than the actual delivery time, it is a good service to use.

Ship Perishable Items

Almost perishable goods like food require fast shipping, so expedited shipping is the best option to choose. Besides, if you sell frozen food or baked items, this shipping service will ensure that your goods will reach your customers in good shape.

Win Customers

Most customers nowadays demand fast delivery. If that’s also the case for your business, then you should consider adding this standard delivery option for your online business. If you don’t, you may end up losing some valuable customers who prefer fast deliveries.

Increase Business Profits

You could also increase your profits by offering expedited freight shipping to your customers who prefer it the most. More importantly, it may encourage more customers to purchase your products or goods since they know that they can get them quickly.

Reduce Damage

Reduce Damage

Since this freight shipping service is fast-moving and they are taken directly from the shipper to the receiver. You can guarantee that there are minimal to no package handling issues, and there’s less chance of damage because there will be no stopovers during the shipping process.

Save on Storage

When you offer fast shipping services, you don’t have to worry about stocking items in your inventory. It saves the cost of renting or buying a huge warehousing storage facility.

Who Uses Expedited Freight Services?

Anyone who needs a package delivered by a rush or specific time can use expedited freight shipping. Shipments can be large and small, from a couple of pieces to a few pallets to a full truckload. Here are some common goods and items that you can deliver via expedited freight: 

Perishable Food

Since perishable food needs to stay below a specific temperature sending it through expedited transportation services can prevent its spoilage before reaching its final destination. It doesn’t matter how many cold packs you use during the transportation of these goods. Sometimes, it’s better to secure them on a fast-moving shipping method, or you want to risk the food. This shipping mode is even more relevant if you’re shipping frozen items, dairy products, vegetables or fruits. 

Fragile Items

Expedited freight shipping is generally a safe and secure transportation mode for your fragile packages. We know that putting delicate items in a transporting trailer has a risk of breaking and damage. The longer it stays on the trailer, the higher its chance of getting damaged. So, if you’re sending something fragile, you should use this kind of shipping. It will protect your packages from getting any damage. 

Expensive Items

Shipping companies seldomly lose packages. However, if you’re sending a valuable or high expensive product, you want to deliver it as soon as possible.  Expedited shipping can cut your package’s transit time by half, lowering the risk of any damages or loss before it reaches its final destination. Expensive Items

Are you Looking for an Expedited Shipping Provider in Canada?

If there’s one thing that you and your customers expect from shipping, it’s no other than speedy delivery. For many freight shipping service providers in Canada, expedited freight shipping is the best freight transportation method that offers faster delivery than the standard one. 

In Roadlinx, we offer fast and cost-effective shipping solutions, including expedited transportation options. Contact us today at 905-760-1141 to book your appointment and see how we can help you find fast, reliable and affordable shipping solutions in Canada.

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