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Cross border shipping from Canada to US is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world due to the handsome trade relationship between the two countries. However, shipping involves a lot of logistics; the goods need to be efficiently shipped, stored and transported to the location. If you need the freight to be shipped faster, and more efficiently, you may opt in for a better service. As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America,  RoadLinx is that service that can make a difference in shipping your freight from Canada to the United States.

What RoadLinx Offers

RoadLinx offers a lot of awesome services to make shipping from Canada to US a lot easy and interesting.

Here, some of the best equipment and tools are available for efficient shipping. The specialty shipping equipment available here includes reefer truck, multiple temperature control trucks, and overweight and over dimensional cargo. Some other equipment for shipping from Canada to US available here include dry van, intermodal containers, temperature controlled trucks, storage trailers, flatbeds and so forth.

For efficient shipping from Canada to US, RoadLinx offers a lot of wonderful services. These include full truckload, less than truckload, reefer freight, heated trucks, warehousing and crossdocking, expedited services, dry van freight and so forth.

The full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) depends on the size and capacity of the cargo carried when shipping from Canada to US. FTL can carry over 40,000 pounds but if you require carrying half of that capacity or even less in one truck, you may opt in for the less than truckload.

Expedited services offered by RoadLinx in shipping from Canada to US are truly expedited. RoadLinx guarantees that the cargos will be shipped within one day with this shipping technique. It is a bit pricier than the traditional shipping process but usually involves a team of 2 drivers traveling the long distance. This ensures 24-hour straight transportation.

Another interesting service offered by RoadLinx in shipping from Canada to US is warehousing. RoadLinx is indeed a warehousing solution as it offers a lot of interesting warehousing services. These include cross-docking, secure on site storage, palletize and shrink wrap services, warehousing handling, flexible warehouse options, and off site storage.

Why You Should Choose RoadLinx

RoadLinx has proved itself to be the best place for shipping from Canada to US. You can ship any size and dimension of freight. RoadLinx has all the trucks and shipping equipment to handle all kinds of shipping. Even if your freight weighs over 50,000 pounds, you can trust RoadLinx to provide an awesome shipping solution for it.

In addition, the freight shipping from Canada to US is not just reliable but also safe and cost effective. RoadLinx invests significantly in safety. In addition, with RoadLinx, your goods are in the best hands. The team comprises some of the best drivers, brokers, and technicians. This makes it easy and possible to ship seemingly difficult shipment.

Contact RoadLinx today for shipping from Canada to US, the excellent customer service will also make it a lot interesting for you.

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