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Shipment of temperature sensitive items requires untold care and attention. It is even more critical to ship such items during heat waves. Perishable goods are such as milk, wine, chocolates and so forth require extra care and effort to handle but the situation can be easily catered for with an efficient and reliable refrigerated truck.

What is Reefer Truck?

A reefer truck is another name for a temperature controlled or refrigerated truck. Usually, such truck comes with three different compartments that can be controlled at varying temperatures. This means that a reefer truck can be used to store and transport three different kinds of freight with different temperature sensitivity and each of them maintained at optimal condition.

Reefer trucks work just like the normal HVAC system used in most homes. This should be expected because the trucks comprise compressors, evaporators and condensers. Thus, a reefer truck can function as a heated truck as well as a refrigerated truck. By functioning as a heated truck, reefer trucks can be used to prevent items from freezing during winter.

Why You Need RoadLinx for Reefer Truck Shipment

As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America, RoadLinx makes freight shipping with reefer trucks remarkably easy. With RoadLinx, you will be sure of the best service during the shipping process. RoadLinx handles the logistics and processes involved in shipping with the reefer truck from Canada to the United States.

In addition, RoadLinx guarantees a reliable service and the service can be easily obtained with just a few mouse clicks. There are few other reefer trucking companies in Toronto, but RoadLinx is obviously one of the best names to reckon with. You can contact RoadLinx easily to request a quote on the service and to find out more about heated or refrigerated trucks and how to make the most of them to preserve your temperature sensitive freight.

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