Full Truckload vs. Less than Truckload Services

Cargoes can be transported through normal international shipping or expedited shipping but such kinds of shipping may not be able to handle large shipment. In some cases, people spend humongous amounts of money to ship large shipment goods and several difficulties could even be experienced during the shipping process. This is where full truckload service comes in. It is important to understand FTL meaning in order to make the most of this shipping process to effectively ship your products anywhere in the United States, Canada or any other part of North America.

When is FTL Relevant and What Does it Mean?

Full truckload (FTL), also known as full container load (FCL), implies that an intermodal container or a truck is filled by a customer’s product. This is a very cost effective way of shipping cargoes or freight because the entire shipment goes to the same location.

One interesting benefit of RoadLinx (a top trucking freight transportation company in North America) full truckload shipping freight transportation is that you can move cargoes as much as 40,000 pounds. This allows you to transport large amount of cargoes and freight easily.

Full truckload shipping is necessary when you need to ship cargoes to a high volume location. In addition, if you are sure that your cargoes are enough to fill the full truckload container, then this shipping option is the best for you.

Why You Should Use FTL shipping

There are various benefits of using RoadLinx full truckload shipping services. The benefits are enormous but one of them is safety. RoadLinx offers a lot of safety in its shipping services. In addition, you can enjoy some additional benefits with the additional services offered here. The additional services offered here include blank wrapping, escort handling, expedited service, and wrap and palletized shipments. You can easily leverage RoadLinx full truckload services to move your high volume freights any day and anytime.

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Comparison of  Less than Truckload and Full Truckload

Full truckload is an excellent option to ship items that will fill a truck but what happens when you want to ship items that will not fill a truck, albeit heavy? Going with a full truckload in such a case will simply cost you more and in fact, this is not a cost-effective process. This is exactly where you need less than truck (LTL freight shipping). RoadLinx offers the best Less than Truck freight shipping with flexible and cost-effective solution to help you get your freight to the required destination on time.

When to Use Less than Truckload

As mentioned above, less than truckloads are the best solution when you are shipping items that are less than full truckload in terms of volume. A full truckload can carry freights up to 40,000 lbs but with LTL freight shipping provides a better option if your shipment’s volume is lower.

One important benefit of LTL freight shipping is that it could be a lot cheaper than full truckload shipping and also you can ship items to a number of locations with this shipping method. Less than truckload is also excellent for shipping large and bulky items, albeit smaller volumes.

Why Leverage RoadLinx LTL Freight Shipping

As a top trucking freight transportation company in North America, RoadLinx goes beyond the usual or normal LTL freight shipping and offers the best service that will help you ship your freight without any issue. In addition, additional services are offered alongside with the less than truckload shipping. These include blanket wrapping, shipments wrapping and palletizing, expedited services and escort handling.

In addition, RoadLinx is an experienced LTL carrier. The service offered by RoadLinx accords you all the flexibility and expertise you need to effectively ship your freight anywhere in the United States or Canada. The experts in RoadLinx will work with you to make sure that the freight shipping is impeccable.

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