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If you want to keep your load safe and secure, hire a flatbed trailer from roadLinx for all your business and personal needs. roadLinx are a top rated international transport company shipping between Canada and the USA on a daily basis using some of the best flatbed trailers on the market. The flatbed is a true transportation classic, and the most robust way of transporting your precious goods, designed to hold up against rough terrain and lengthy travel hours.

Made from hardy steel and aluminium, the flatbed’s strong construction means they can move a bigger payload at once, meaning more moved for your buck. The reliability of the roadLinx flatbed means less delays and repairs, which is why so many customers rate the roadLinx trailers for their outstanding performance. The trailers come in a variety of sizes to suit every need. Perfect for towing oversized cargo to construction equipment, landscaping materials, furniture and everything in between. For oversize loads roadLinx offers flatbed escorts who will guide your haul along the route and make sure it reaches its destination safely. Secure sidings mean there’s no risk of losing your goods to the highway along the way and peace of mind over those bumps in the road.

roadLinx are experts in licensing and permits and can guide any would be renter through the permits required for both standard and speciality shipments. roadLinx offers step deck and single drop trailers for your taller items reaching over 8’6”. For items over 9’ such as farming machinery, the ramps and dual deck are used to make moving those heavy, tall items a breeze.

A roadLinx flatbed trailer is always a convenient choice; easy to load and unload, simple to manoeuvre along smaller side roads and in and out of driveways. The flatbed always gets the job done. The open top construction allows for those awkward shaped, tall items to get from A to B with ease – no ceiling means no issues. It’s not just professionals who use a flatbed on a regular basis, they are so easy to drive with anyone can hire one and do just fine. So, whether it’s a house move, an office move, furniture and farm equipment, the flatbed can move it all.

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