How Much Does It Cost To Ship From Toronto To New York?

Shipping your products from Toronto to New York should not be a stressful job. You can look for freight shipping companies that offer different types of shipping options outside Canada. You can also choose from full-truckload to less-than-truckload, expedited to dry van, or temperature-controlled truck shipping options. Your choice of shipping option depends on your business and freight shipments. 

Nevertheless, when selecting the cheapest shipping price from Toronto to New York, you must know the essential factors that may affect the shipping cost. Might as well take note of what type of your freights you have, what shipping mode suited best, including the point A to B location, transit shipping time, etc. These factors can help you determine how much the shipping cost is. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship From Toronto to New York?

Usually, the shipping price from Toronto to New York varies from the shipping company to the company. The shipping rates differ according to shipping services, freights requirements, and other factors. Some of the main factors that impact the cost are your freight’s size and weight, type of shipping service, destination from point A to B. 

Also, be reminded that the cost of freight shipping from Toronto to New York might have a series of concerns that can also cause the price to go up quickly. Below are some of the essential factors that affect the shipping cost. 

Dimensions of Your Freights

The weight and dimensions of your freights may also determine the shipping service cost. The package dimension covers your freight’s length, width, and height. It is essential to note your shipment’s dimensional value, mainly if they are mostly bulky and have odd-shaped. Most shipping providers often use the dimensional volume of freight when determining the shipping costs. It aims to properly estimate how much space your package needs to fill in the transportation trailer. By calculating the package dimension, your shipment will become more efficient and cost-effective. Also, if you want to reduce your shipping cost from Toronto to New York, it would be better to buy a variety of shipping box sizes.     

Shipping Times

Shipping TimesTypically, the delivery times of your shipments directly affect the shipping service cost. Most shipping companies that offer one-day shipping use an overnight freight shipping service. While some shipping companies offer multiple transport services that are ideal and convenient for your expected delivery times. 

Also, the shipping rates and prices in Canada directly affects how long the shipping takes. Therefore, the overnight shipping cost is higher than that of a three-day shipping cost. 

Shipping Insurance

One thing that also impacts the shipping price from Toronto to New York is the insurance plan. If you ship expensive and fragile packages, you may choose those shipping companies that provide shipping insurance. That shipping insurance will protect your packages against damage or stolen during the handling and shipping process. If you’ll choose shipping providers with shipping insurance, expect to pay a higher shipping cost than the standard shipping service.    

Additional Shipping Charges

Shipping and handling of products sometimes require other services. It is the main reason why there are additional charges aside from the actual shipping service. Additional shipping charges usually occur when shipping internationally, like shipping from Toronto to New York. It might have additional shipping charges as they ship outside the country. 

Most often than not, the additional shipping charges include fuel surcharges and other shipping fees. Usually, pick up related shipping charges apply to the deliveries made outside the usual service location or residential areas. Also, when you opt-in to express shipping services such as expedited, fuel surcharges are included.  

Parcel Handling Charges

Parcel Handling ChargesAside from other shipping related charges, the overall shipping cost in Canada can be affected by the parcel handling charges. Parcel handling charges often reflect on the shipping of your fragile, heavy, and bulky packages. Your shipping provider will most likely use a sort of special packaging sticker when shipping your items.

When your packages include bulky, heavy and odd-shaped products, you are subject to pay for the additional handling charges. Therefore, expect to spend more on the shipping cost when you have these kinds of parcels.     

Duties and Taxes

Another factor that may also raise your shipping costs is the included taxes. Usually, taxes are being charged when you ship internationally. For example, when you ship from Toronto to New York, expect to pay additional charges due to taxes and duties. However, you will only charge for these additional fees, depending on what packages you are shipping. It also includes the value of your freight. Besides, these additional charges are sometimes covered by the seller, buyer, or can be both.

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What is the Best Shipping Mode For My Packages?

If you plan to ship your packages from Toronto to New York, you don’t have to stress over it. The main reason being is that you can choose from the several freight shipping options available. You can select a full truckload, less than truckload, dry van, expedited, and other cross-border trailers. 

Full Truckload Freight ShippingFull Truckload Freight Shipping

FTL freight shipping mode is best suited to packages or items that are large enough to fill in a full truckload. A lot of shipping companies are committed to providing the best FTL shipping cost in Canada. When it comes to the cost, FTL shipping rates differ due to several factors. The rates are significantly affected by the freight’s size and weight, the distance, delivery times, and other specific shipping needs.

To get the cheapest FTL shipping in Canada, you may contact Roadlinx. Our team can provide you with affordable shipping rates.

Less Than Truckload Shipping

Less than truckload shipping is best suited to shipments that are small enough to fit in a full truckload. Therefore, if your packages have smaller volumes, then LTL is a better choice for you.

Besides, an LTL shipping option offers a more cost-saving shipping service than the FTL shipping service. You can only use a small space in the trailer for your small shipments and share the remaining space with other businesses. 

Expedited Shipping

If you want to ship your products from Toronto to New York into an expressway, expedited shipping is the right one. You may choose this type of transport method if you are time-sensitive, or your package needs to be shipped as soon as possible. 

Some might think that shipping via expressway can damage the packages, but it’s not true. Although your items will be shipped in expedited mode, in Roadlinx, you can guarantee that it will arrive safely and securely. Rest assured that there will be zero to minimal delays and mishaps, be it a short or long-distance trip.

Dry Van Freight ShippingDry Van Freight Shipping

Dry van trailers are the best option to choose when you have dry and non-perishable goods. Using this freight shipping option can guarantee that your goods are shipped securely and safely. If you often haul different goods for your business, choosing a dry van truck can provide you with many hauling and shipping benefits. 

Besides, dry van trailers are considered the cheapest shipping mode in Canada. However, this shipping method is best applicable to those goods that do not require temperature control features.

Temperature-controlled Shipping Mode

If you have temperature-sensitive goods to ship, you also need a shipping mode with a temperature-controlled system. These include the reefer and heated trucks. These types of shipping modes are mainly used when transporting goods during the most extreme weather. Be it a summer or winter season, temperature-controlled Shipping trailers are the best options.

Both heated and reefer trucks use a temperature-control system. The only difference between the two is that heated trailers are set to a warmer degree while reefer or refrigerated trailers are set to a cooler temperature. If you plan to ship from Toronto to New York during most extreme weather, temperature-controlled trucks are the best choices. 

How Long Does Shipping Take From Toronto to New York?

So, how long does shipping take from Toronto to New York? Generally, shipping times vary accordingly. If you will ship your packages from Toronto to New York, the delivery time typically takes 1 to 2 weeks or more. However, if there are customs delays, it will take up to four weeks or more. Take note that the delivery time depends on your packages, shipment mode, and the pickup/drop-off locations.  

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Shipping your packages from Toronto to New York should not be a stressful thing. With Roadlinx, you can ensure that you’ll get a committed team of experts who can help you with your international shipping. We carefully check every shipping requirement and documentation needed before your packages reach the pickup and drop off points. You can guarantee a worry-free shipping process as we go over some of the concerns and issues that can arise during the transaction. 

Also, in Roadlinx, we can provide you with the cheapest shipping service in Canada. To get a free shipping estimate, you may call us at 905-760-1141 or email us at

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