Shipping Your Car across Canada: Costs and What You Should Know

Shipping your car across Canada may cost more than driving yourself. However, the financial and mental toll of driving your car will stack up against you.

Several logistics companies ship cars across Canada. These companies will safely deliver your vehicle without any issues. If you drive your car, you’ll have to consider how much gas your vehicle will burn through.

You’ll also be subjecting your car to wear and tear. Long days and nights on the road means you’ll have to lodge in a motel and spend money on food.

The simpler, less stressful route to getting your car across Canada is shipping it. Here, we’ll cover how much it costs to ship your vehicle across the country and what you need to know.

Costs of Shipping your Car across Canada

A logistics company is the best way to ship your car across Canada. On average, shipping your car across Canada can cost from $600 to $1,000.

In some special cases, the price can reach $1,200 depending on the logistical service and additional factors.

If you’re looking for a more personalized service or moving a luxury vehicle, the cost can reach $2,000. Nevertheless, all these costs pale compared to how much more money, time, and energy it takes to drive the car yourself.

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Considerations Before Shipping your Car across Canada

Here are some considerations before hiring a logistics company to. Your vehicle may be a sedan or an SUV; hence, the shipping cost will vary.

Some other factors that determine the costs of shipping your car across Canada are stated below.

Importation of the Car

As we said before, you may permanently or temporarily move to Canada. The former will cost more due to import duty fees and taxes. So, if you’re moving your car from the U.S. to Canada, you’ll have to pay these import fees to approve the shipping.

However, if you’re moving the car to Canada temporarily, you won’t pay as much. So, the cost will be lower than permanently shipping the vehicle. Regardless, a shipping and logistic service is still the best option. The company will easily cover the hassle of settling these import tax fees than you can on your own.

importation of the car

Size and Weight of the Car

A heavier vehicle will affect how much you pay to ship the car. Heavier and bigger vehicles take up more space in the transporting medium, such as a ship or cargo plane.

The spaces on these carriers are usually limited. And a larger vehicle will occupy space where other cargo could fit in. So, you’ll be paying more for that extra space.

Also, heavier vehicles cause the carrier to burn more fuel when transporting them. Hence, you’ll be charged more for the fuel burn.

Method of Shipping

The method of shipping also affects the cost of shipping cars across Canada. Two main methods of shipping cars are enclosed and open containers.

An enclosed container is a more expensive option and better suited for luxury cars. The enclosure guarantees your car won’t have a scratch, dent, or stain during transportation.

Open container shipping happens on a flatbed that isn’t covered. Your vehicle will usually be accompanied by other people’s cars that are being relocated. This method is the best way to ship commercial cars across Canada. You’ll benefit from using the open container method to send your everyday vehicle at a lower cost.

Shipping Distance

The location of pickup and delivery of the car also matters when considering car shipping costs. For example, if you’re picking up your vehicle from a seaport, you’ll most likely spend more on getting to the port. However, you can reduce costs by opting for terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Hence, we advise you to research beforehand to find out which mode of transportation is best for you. Find your exact location in Canada and search for the closest delivery point that will suit you.

Remember that the longer the route, the more gas the transporter will burn, thus costing you more money.

shipping distance

Know the Delivery Time

At times, you get fixated on how to ship your car across Canada that you forget to focus on the delivery date. You may have paid for the entire logistics of having your vehicle delivered. But, your costs can easily double if you don’t understand the delivery time.

If your car arrives and you don’t pick it up on time, the logistics company can charge you an extra fee for retaining the vehicle. Conversely, booking the company’s services at the last minute will also result in higher costs.

Understand the Insurance Policy

Insurance is a crucial aspect of logistic services. You never know what mishaps may occur during transit.

Insurance is the best way to protect your interest when shipping your car across Canada. So, whatever damage happens to your vehicle, the logistics company can be held responsible.

Many people fall into the camp of ignoring insurance because it’s a one-time move. However, failure to get insurance can cost you significantly more in the long run, especially if a problem arises.

Research Price in Advance

In this digital age, you can find out the cost of shipping your car across Canada from the internet. Therefore, you can know the cost estimate for shipping your vehicle before booking a logistics company.

This allows you to compare company prices to get a quote that suits your budget. You can enter the pickup and delivery location to determine the fee. You can also find out the cost of transporting each specific model and brand of car. All this information will help you determine how much shipping the car to Canada can cost.

While researching the various prices, remember to check out the reviews and ratings of the shipping and logistics service you require. Recommendations from past users can also guide your choice. Remember, the cheapest service might not necessarily be the best.

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research price in advance

Get Your Car Across Canada with Road Linx

The cost of shipping your car across Canada can be within budget, depending on several factors. Check out any of the points mentioned above to guide your choice.

You can also check out our reputable vehicle shipping services. Road Linx has experience  moving different-sized vehicles across Canada. Book a service with us today and give your car a smooth ride across the country. Call 905-760-1141 today!

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